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Why Lean Mind?

Software is transforming our lives

Software is changing the world massively, from the arrival of smartphones, social networks and the Internet of Things (IoT), we are constantly changing our habits. New jobs appear, old jobs disappear. Emerging companies succeed within a few years of life whilst others with several generations of history dissapear. Digital natives operate online as if this technology would have been always around.

With this impressive demand for software it's critical to build applications with outstanding quality. It's what consumers are expecting from the industry. The society and the environment need reliable and secure software that is easy to use and easy to change as well as innovative. However there are still too many software companies with an industrial culture that don't fit into the knowledge revolution. People working in this kind of environment suffer from stress and frustration. They work too many hours, don't have room for learning and finally don't enjoy their job.

In Lean Mind we recognise this situation and know that there is another way of working. We are surfing the wave of the knoledge revolution. An organization where people can learn and feel fulfilled. In our endeavor to transform the industry, we are leading by example, making a global impact with our software and a local impact with our culture.

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