Picture from the past all hands meeting in our office


Hiring a CTO, developers and making them work as a team is a hard job, time consuming and expensive. The shortest path to accelerate the development of your Start-up is to hire a high performance team in once. We are the team you need to take off as soon as possible.

Our experience with startups allow us to help you with business development. We come up with fast and cost-effective solutions for market validation. We use metrics to adapt the strategy according the your needs. We are open minded, committed and embrace change.

Carlos Blé, founder of Lean Mind, is currently working as CTO part time for some of our customers. Seasoned leader available just for the amount of time you need, no more.

You could customize the size of the team starting from one person or better, a pair of developers. During the evolution of the project you may increase or decrease the size of the team as the work load changes. Thus you reduce risks and avoid problems related to dealing with employees.

Our offices are in the Canary Islands. There are direct flights to many European cities so we can easily visit you. And of course you are more than welcome to visit us, stay in the paradise for the time you want and work with us from our office.

For more information please check out these slides.