CarlosBlé Jurado

Is founder and owner of Lean Mind, series entrepreneur and well-known developer in the agile community.

Carlos is author of the first book on TDD in Spanish language. He has been training many teams all around Europe on testing, TDD, Clean Code and design principles. In Lean Mind, every developer is constantly learning no matter how seasoned she or he is. Carlos is training every single person that joins the team, making sure we all value quality and commitment, sharing a culture of excellence.

In the Canaries the IT market is small, Lean Mind is an opportunity for local developers to develop and enjoy an exciting career.


AdriánFerrera González

Full-Stack developer with more than 4 years of experience in sector working with Java and Javascript. Passionate about knowledge, lover of technology and architectures.

He's always looking for new challenges and share his experience with people. Open to criticism and delighted with a constructive discussion.


IsauraG. Fontcuberta

I am a Computer Engineer with more than 10 years creating amazing products and services with a clear focus on the user/customer for B2C and B2B channels.

Over the years I've had the precious opportunity to touch every step of the way from the cable to the design of digital solutions.

I have a very cross-skilled profile that includes Project Management, Customer Service, Human Centered Design, Web design & development, DevOps, Business Strategy, and Information Architecture.

Besides, I find Education and Tech Divulgation feed my soul. That's why I dedicate some of my time to facilitate knowledge environments where everyone, including me, are able to learn.

I see technology as a tool to enhance human collaboration. My motto? We don't work with computers. We work with humans over computers.


YodraLópez Herrera

Engineer in IT Systems, currently working in Lean Mind as a Full Stack Developer.

She is also a professor of a youth entrepreneurship program FullStack web programming in the EOI (School of Industrial Organization).

IThroughout her career she has worked on different technological projects of modernization of the Government of the Canary Islands.

She is also a partner in AdaLoveDev, a group of developers that promote the role of women in the sector.


DanielRamos Acosta

Full-stack developer, specialized in Node.js, React and functional reactive programming.

José Luis

José LuisRodríguez Alonso

Desarrollador todo terreno con más de 10 años de experiencia.

Durante este tiempo ha trabajado en numerosos proyectos tanto en empresas privadas como en la Administración Pública... y a pesar de ello sigue amando su profesión.



She loves learning how things work and sharing knowledge with others. She seeks to work with professionals who care about software quality and maintainability, since it’s a great way to get constructive feedback to keep improving as a professional and adapting to the industry needs. She enjoys outdoors activities, improvising vegetarian recipes and learning about random topics.


CarlosSosa Hernández

Web developer with more than 5 years of experience working with Python and JavaScript.

He's a responsible, committed and motivated person in his work. He likes to find the best solution for the needs of each client.

He's especially interested in teamwork, software quality improvement and continuous learning.


CristianSuárez Vera

Computer Science Graduate striving for the best software quality. Languages and frameworks, just simple tools; his main goal knowledge; the path to it: keep on learning.


RubénTejera Cordero

Since he can remember, he is passionate about being close to people who fix and solve problems, craftspeople and teachers of his profession. It is not enough to know how, he likes to know why.

After a long tour of different sectors, he found in the programming another form of craftspeopleship.

Making the analogy to the Japanese sensei, Carlos Blé instills good practices and techniques into the programming, giving him a more logical view when facing the problems than any current regulated training.